Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Companies care about creating great quality apps with great features. Code Khadi has the experience of working with scores of companies from startups, SMBs and large enterprises.

Inside Out Testing

Inside Out Testing

Mobile apps must be tested by ‘Going One Layer Down’ the UI. We, at Code Khadi go several layers down to fish out the most teething problems at code level.

User Experience

User Experience

Code Khadi emphasizes on an exciting multi-sensory experience with test models custom-made for user experience testing in a mobile context.

Tailored for you

Tailored for you

Every customer is special and every customers’ need is different. Code Khadi offers on-demand services tailored to each customer in a unique way



Plans & Pricing

Mobile App Testing Pro Pricing Options

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Mobile App Testing Services

What’s valuable for you?

We, at Code Khadi always try to answer one basic question, “Which tests could be most valuable to you right now?”


Code Khadi approaches testing by understanding your business, your vision, your users and your vision behind the product you are building. We design test strategies for apps under test by considering the features, technology on which apps are built and the risks that threaten the product.

Risks also help strengthen the strategy thanks to powerful tests – manual, automated or a complimentary mix of both. Test results are analysed in detail to uncover problems to provide information to stakeholders.

We foresee risks much ahead in product development life cycle thanks to our process and domain maturity based test models. We use an innovative approach called mindmapping to track most of our testing activities including requirements gathering, brainstorming test ideas, creating test scenarios or devising a test strategy.


Code Khadi is home to highly skilled technical testers who go beyond scratching the surface (and their regular call of duty) to do great testing which in turn brings value to customers. Our testers are courageous to ask questions, dig up hidden/implicitly requirements and solve problems in real time. Our testers are good critical thinkers, with great knowledge of business, domains, user personas and varied technologies.


We, at Code Khadi, focus on ‘Value’ and provide ‘Visibility’ to Our Customer.


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